Dear PUB209 Students,

Welcome to the WIKI! If you need help, please email me on or call 3138 5803

We will be using this 'wiki' this semester to help us share learning resources, discuss topics, and do the final piece of assessment.
The idea is that we use this space to learn more about
  • Health
  • Culture
  • Society
... And how these things inter-relate and affect each other, and ultimately us.
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Give your page an interesting and unique title and then click on CREATE.

Save your work as you go. You can come back and edit your page as many times as you wish.

Everything you do on this page is public, recorded, and connected to your identity.

You must start the page with your name, your student number and your TUTORS name at the top. Put these there before you do anything else.

Save your essay in a WORD DOCUMENT as well as on this page.

Your own Wiki Page is due in by 5pm on the FRIDAY 4th NOVEMBER.

Over the weekend, you have to read the work of TWO other students and post a short comment or question on the tab on their page that says DISCUSSION. This is to help expand your learning, and to help you reflect on your learning as a group. These comments are due by 5pm MONDAY 7th NOVEMBER.

You do NOT need to hand in a hard copy at ALL.

I will post links on this wiki that I think are useful for your learning and progress through this course, starting with the link to PODOLOGY
More to come soon :-)
Best wishes,
Julie-Anne Carroll & Team